Tsepo Tshola – Covid 19 Ft. Kamohelo Tshola & Khotso Thahane

He fancies himself the village pope, and it’s doubtful anyone would want to quarrel with that verdict. Tsepo Tshola sure knows how to release “holy” numbers and keep fans entertained. If you are unfamiliar with him or have any doubts about that verdict, you might want to check his latest offering, “Covid 19,” featuring Kamohelo Tshola & Khotso Thahane.

With such a title, a lot comes to mind, including, of course, the devastating pandemic that saw many countries shutting their borders years ago. So what you have here is a singer sharing his mind in retrospect.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned, and in fact, the singer shared some in collaboration with his associates. The key pleasure, though, is that he managed to do so without falling into the pit of the soppy. That would have ruined the experience entirely.

Tsepo Tshola’s take about the pandemic with his “Covid 19” track will easily interest anyone conversant with, or keen to know about, the world’s most recent past and the beauty of actually surviving it.

It’s unclear why the lead singer chose Kamohelo Tshola and Khotso Thahane for this song, but one can’t quarrel with his decision because he did great with them. Talk of some collaborative magic.

Tsepo Tshola – Covid 19 Ft. Kamohelo Tshola & Khotso Thahane

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