Tsepo Tshola – Ho Lokile (Adapted from a Hymn)

Tsepo Tshola – Ho Lokile (Adapted from a Hymn)

With the recent news of his passing as a result of COVID-19 complications, it is inevitable the public should somehow become re-interested in the song of the late jazz maestro Tsepo Tshola. One number that fans love is “Ho Lokile (Adapted from a Hymn).”

True to its title, the son was adopted from a hymn, but it is no regular hymnal, nor does it bore you with proselytizing garbage. What you here, really, is a song of understated elegance – or should we say charm.

Tsepo, a Lesotho citizen but permanent resident of South Africa, has got in the song in review something to be remembered by. Although this is not the finest from him, it is certainly one of his memorable tracks.

To listen to “Ho Lokile (Adapted from a Hymn)” is to embrace Tsepo Tshola afresh. Now that’s one action worth performing in homage to a man who for four decades as a musician embedded himself in the consciousness of music lovers across South Africa.

What so you think of Tsepo Tshola’s “Ho Lokile (Adapted from a Hymn)” single, though? Is it a number you would rock all day? You may want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Tsepo Tshola – Ho Lokile (Adapted from a Hymn)

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