Tshwane Gospel Choir – Hallelujah Ft. Joe Mettle

“Hallelujah,” croons Tshwane Gospel Choir in a new song featuring Joe Mettle. We may say they proved their mettle in this song.

“Hallelujah,” a deeply moving song of undeniably spiritual energy, will charm just about any lover of good gospel music out there. It’s hard to listen to this song as a devoted Christian and not find yourself crooning along.

In a society where most people would rely on their own power and others would rather deny the existence of God, Tshwane Gospel Choir and Joe Mettle not only affirm the presence and power of Christ but the vitality of surrendering to that power.

We consider the group and Joe mettle’s collaborative “Hallelujah” song a splendid addition to the body of Christ and the propagation of the message of salvage. Here, if you please, is one song that deserves to be sung again and again in the homes of Christians and Christian gatherings.

Wouldn’t you rather join the “Hallelujah” army right now? You should love the moment.

What do you think of Tshwane Gospel Choir’s “Hallelujah” song with Joe Mettle, and how would you rate it? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

Tshwane Gospel Choir – Hallelujah Ft. Joe Mettle

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