Tshwane Gospel Choir – Imiqhele (Live) Ft. Virginia Mukwevho

It’s another spiritually uplifting moment as Tshwane Gospel Choir goes “Imiqhele (Live)” with Virginia Mukwevho.

This isn’t the group’s first, nor is it the second. The singing group has a couple of spiritually invigorating tunes out there already. The song in review is but a sterling addition to the group’s repertoire.

“Imiqhele (Live)” is one of the memorable numbers from the group yet. For one, it is highly relatable. It also reinforces the good old message that Christians are joint-heirs with Christ and their own crowns.

Although physically, crowns might not be found on their heads, by being sons and daughters of the Most High, they’re called to rule with Him and should live in the reality of that power.

As joint-heirs, mediocrity is something that should never accept. Call this number a winner for your spirit, and you would not be wrong. If gospel music is your thing, then you should create space on your playlist for this track.

Are you into Tshwane Gospel Choir’s “Imiqhele (Live)” track with Virginia Mukwevho? How would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

Tshwane Gospel Choir – Imiqhele (Live) Ft. Virginia Mukwevho

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