Tshwane Gospel Choir – Siqonde Khaya ft. Joseph Malaza

Tshwane Gospel Choir drops a new song titled Siqonde Khayaand featuring Joseph Malaza.

“Siqonde Khaya,” a genuinely touching tune of undeniably refined spirit, will entertain and please just nearly every fan of real gospel music out there. However, it isn’t easy to hear this tune as a dedicated Christian and not perceive holy energy.

In a nation where most souls would rely on their individual potential, and others would preferably reject the presence of God, Tshwane Gospel Choir and Joseph Malaza not only assert the presence and influence of Christ but the sense of surrendering to that power.

We consider the group and Joseph Malaza’s collaborative “Siqonde Khaya” number a great addition to the body of Christ and the distribution of the information of salvage. Here, if you wish, is one tune that deserves to be chanted repeatedly in the dwellings of Christians and Christian congregations. Wouldn’t you rather join the “Siqonde Khaya” soldiers right now? It would be best if you treasured the moment.

Tshwane Gospel Choir – Siqonde Khaya ft. Joseph Malaza

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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