Tswyza – Oksalayo

Tswyza is out with a new single dubbed “Oksalayo,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for everything South African music.

Before he released the number, the actor and singer had shared a teaser on Instagram, urging fans to watch him as he impersonates five South African artistes. Well, he’s not exactly on an impersonation run here.

To his credit, although his name would be missing in the list of prolific artistes in South Africa, Tswyza surely knows how to snap attention with his songs. His numbers are hard to resist, including, of course, the one in review.

“Oksalayo” is a song of potent musical force and one that advertises the songster as a voice to hear over and over again. While there’s no talk yet of new music, “Oksalayo” is a fine number to hold to while anticipating something else.

Y’all gotta make a place on our playlist for this track. It is worth every second of its play time.

What do you think of Tswyza’s “Oksalayo” track, though? Do you share out interest in it? You may want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Tswyza – Oksalayo

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