TxC – Konka Live Mix 2022

Christmas was memorable for partygoers at Konka as the girl DJ collective TxC treated fans to “Konka Live Mix 2022” at the venue mentioned earlier. It was an occasion many would remember for a long time.

TxC stands for Taryn and Clairise, two friends who happen to share similar physical features. Thanks to their similarity, they have often been mistaken for blood sisters. They are not. They only happen to be associated by music.

While “Konka Live Mix 2022” might not be their first mix, it might fall into one of their memorable offerings yet. In other words, you most likely will remember the mix long after you have listened to it. One can’t say the same for many mixes out there.

On the strength of what has just been offered, we expect fans to keep their eyes peeled for more mixes from the duo. Well, it’s time to embrace this mix and have a blast. No qualms.

TxC – Konka Live Mix 2022

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