Tyler ICU – Ngimoja Ft. Khanyisa, Tumelo_za & Tyrondee

South African DJ & Music Producer Tyler ICU has come out with a new song called “NgiMoja,” which features TumeloZa and Tyrone Dee. Following the releases of “Ngishada Nini” featuring Zinhle P. Zwane and Khalil Harrison, “Tetema” with Toss and Young Stunna, and “Asambe” with Sir Trill and Daliwonga, this song is a continuation of his triumph on the music scene this year.

Tyler ICU is well-known for having a distinctive musical style that incorporates aspects of both Amapiano and Afro House music. Fans all around the world, including those in South Africa, have praised him for his ability to produce addictive melodies and beats, which has helped him develop a following.

Another example of Tyler ICU’s amazing skill is the song “NgiMoja,” which also has contributions from TumeloZa and Tyrone Dee who each provide their own flavor to the track. The song has an energizing tempo and an uplifting tune, which will undoubtedly inspire listeners to get up and move to the music and sing along.

Fans have already provided the song with overwhelmingly good reaction, and many of them have taken to social media to express their excitement over the release of the song. While others have lauded Tyler ICU for his capacity to produce high-quality music on a constant basis, other listeners have referred to this track as “the ideal tune for the weekend.”

Tyler ICU continues to solidify his position as one of the most accomplished producers in the South African music space with the release of the song “NgiMoja.” Fans are likely to be eager for what he has in store for them since he is dedicated to his work and has the ability to pull together a brilliant group of artists.

Fans may add “NgiMoja” to their playlists for a weekend full of happy and vibrant sounds by listening to it on various music streaming services and adding it to their personal playlists.

Tyler ICU – Ngimoja Ft. Khanyisa, Tumelo_za & Tyrondee

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