Tyler ICU – Se’nyuka Ft. Chley Nkosi

It’s one thing to worth with someone, and it’s a different ball game to work with someone who shares great musical synergy with you. Well, we have no beef against Tyler ICU and Chley Nkosi working together because they are good as a team.

This much is especially evident with their “Se’nyuka” tune. The number is part of Tyler ICU’s recently released “Baya Nini,” which has several other South African musicians as guests.

There is a message of optimism latest in “Se’nyuka.” You get to experience some form of light from listening to this song alone. Now that’s one number that ought to be on the playlist of anyone with eyes for something good and a spirit for the luminous.

Whether you’re a fan of the genre ox expression or not, we are confident that you will have a wonderful time with “Se’nyuka.” So go ahead and embrace it, peeps.

Tyler ICU – Se’nyuka Ft. Chley Nkosi

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