TyraQeed – Ngyamthanda Lomuntu Ft. Sparks Bantwana, Emza & Mshekesheke

TyraQeed is out with “Ngyamthanda Lomuntu,” a song featuring fellows South Africans Sparks Bantwana, Emza & Mshekesheke.

Several fine voices together create fine music, right? Well, a fine jam you have here. TyraQeed, a music producer, did pick artistes with whom he shares great musical connection. This much should be evident from listening to this song.

He considers himself a living icon. Although what he’s just released in collaboration with his friends is nothing iconic, it’s yet a number worth hearing.

One striking feature of this song is its energy. It’s hard to listen to this number and not be invigorated and want to hear it again.

While the song is worth hearing, it’s seriously frustrating to note that the lead artiste has not realized the importance of sharing the cover art of his song on his Instagram page. His last post on the platform was on October 1, and the post itself made no references to the song he’s just released. In other words, his 35k+ followers have no clue he’s just released a new jam.

Anyway, it’s up to you to explore the song he’s just released and let the song do to you what it’ll do to you. You just might love the number.

TyraQeed – Ngyamthanda Lomuntu Ft. Sparks Bantwana, Emza & Mshekesheke

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