uBizza Wethu & Mr Thela Honors George Floyd With “Lokunja” (Black Lives Matter)

uBizza Wethu and Mr Thela drop "Lokunja (Black Lives Matter George Floyd)"

uBizza Wethu and Mr Thela team up to lend their voice to the Black Lives Matter movement with new song “Lokunja (Black Lives Matter George Floyd)”.

We doubt that there is any other team as cool as these two. Individually, the two are blazing with their amazing music, but together they make a formidable team. You can’t deny that they have dropped some very impressive music over time.

We have seen them drop dope tunes like “Broken Laws”, “Ukhiya”, “Angry Bass” with Newlandz Finest, “Eze Bang”, “Simpra” and more. This time around, they’re using their music to lend a voice to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Since the death of African American man, George Floyd various protests have been happening all over the world. uBizza Wethu and Mr Thela join the charge with this new release “Lokunja (Black Lives Matter George Floyd)”. It is quite laudable for the two to do this.

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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