Ubuntu Brothers – Musiqal Notes

In the spirit of ubuntu, we ask that you join us as we savour a new jam titled “Musiqal Notes.” It’s the latest drop from the South African band Ubuntu Brothers. And we like it. You might, too.

You should, really, for the Brothers have unleashed a number with superb musicality and charm. This song should appeal to just about anyone out there because, for one, it leaves no room for boring breaks. And secondly, it’s as energising as can be.

“Musiqal Notes” has an unapologetic weekend vibe to it. But then the number can be enjoyed anytime, whether it’s a weekend or not. So you’re in for a good time with this one – a lyrical charmer for which the Brothers once again assert their creative powers.

Go ahead and open your to “Musiqal Notes” that actually uplift. You should be glad you did. No qualms; let the music begin.

Ubuntu Brothers – Musiqal Notes

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