uLazi – Nobody Can Stop Mguzu Album

uLazi has come through with a new album titled “Nobody Can Stop Mguzu.”

It’s a new week, and we are all enjoying new music from our favourite artists. uLazi takes the lead with a brand new project. Last year, the talented hitmaker blessed the scene with good music.

He teamed up with Infinity MusiQ and released the album “Mguzuland, Vol.2.” the album housed eleven tracks without any guest features. He also dropped “3MAN DOWN”, “King of Mguzu” album, “Mguzuland,” and “MGUZUGUZU.” The “King Of Mguzu” album housed 14 tracks and featured contributions from Infinity MusiQ, Chaotic The Producer, Chiefsabza, DJ Father, etc.

He has released the “Nobody Can Stop Mguzu” album. It houses 12 tracks and features Infinity MusiQ, El-Kay MusiQ, El-Keys, Busta 929, Djy Vino, Thama Tee, Gene, and Piano Killer. They all did a great job on it. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this week.

uLazi – Nobody Can Stop Mguzu Album


  1. uLazi – 325 i (feat. Infinity MusiQ, El-Kay MusiQ & El-Keys)
  2. uLazi – Nobody Can Stop Mguzu (feat. Infinity MusiQ, Busta 929 & Djy Vino)
  3. uLazi – yey (feat. Infinity MusiQ)
  4. uLazi – 3 Man Down
  5. uLazi – Super Strikes (feat. Infinity MusiQ)
  6. uLazi – Alostro (feat. El-Keys)
  7. uLazi – Ghost (feat. Infinity MusiQ)
  8. uLazi – MOZACARDI MGUZU (feat. Thama tee, Gene & Piano Killer)
  9. uLazi – Inspector (feat. Infinity MusiQ)
  10. uLazi – Let’s Dance Tonight (feat. El-Kay MusiQ & El-Keys)
  11. uLazi – Broken English (feat. El-Kay MusiQ & El-Keys)
  12. uLazi – Runner (feat. Infinity MusiQ)

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