Ulazi, Tyler ICU, DBN Gogo -Thatha Bamba Ft. Mpho Spizzy, Nation-365, El-Kay MusiQ & Tee Taurus

"Thatha Bamba" Sets the Amapiano Scene Ablaze with Star-Studded Collaboration

Ulazi, Tyler ICU, and DBN Gogo Lead Amapiano Charge with New Banger Featuring Mpho Spizzy, Nation-365, El-Kay MusiQ, and Tee Taurus.

In the latest amapiano scene shakeup, the dynamic collaboration led by Ulazi, Tyler ICU, and DBN Gogo has released a pulsating new track, “Thatha Bamba,” earlier today. The single, which features the vibrant talents of Mpho Spizzy, Nation-365, El-Kay MusiQ, and Tee Taurus, is rapidly gaining momentum, setting the stage for what promises to be a chart-topping hit.

“Thatha Bamba” delivers a sizzling blend of rhythmic beats and melodic waves, characteristic of the amapiano genre that has taken the global music scene by storm. Each artist brings their unique flavor to the track, culminating in a symphony of sounds that is both fresh and resonant with the deep roots of South African house music.

The inspiration for the single “THATHA BAMBA” comes from my journey over the last few years, I missed out on so many opportunities. The tittle of the single “THATHA BAMBA” when broken down it means “THATHA” take on more opportunities and stop sleeping on yourself, “BAMBA” hold on to what you have (being talent) and protect it at all costs.

This single is an inspiration to anyone planning on starting something to believe in themselves and take on everything but hold on tight because it will not be easy. I believe this song will be anyone’s go to song when all hope is lost. I worked with DBN Gogo and Tyler ICU on this project because these are the people that have been giving so many upcoming artists so much hope to keep pushing.


Ulazi, known for his cutting-edge production, has joined forces with the innovative stylings of Tyler ICU and the charismatic presence of DBN Gogo. Together, they craft a soundscape that captures the essence of amapiano’s rich cultural backdrop while pushing the boundaries with contemporary touches. The inclusion of Mpho Spizzy, Nation-365, El-Kay MusiQ, and Tee Taurus adds a diverse range of vocals and rhythms, showcasing the collaborative spirit of the genre.

The release of “Thatha Bamba” not only marks a milestone for the artists involved but also reinforces the genre’s growing influence in the music industry. Amapiano, known for its ability to get people on the dance floor with its infectious grooves, has found a new anthem in this latest track.

As “Thatha Bamba” makes its way into playlists and dance sets worldwide, it stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the ever-evolving landscape of amapiano music. Fans of the genre can look forward to an electrifying experience as they let the beats of this new release take over.

Thatha Bamba

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