Umlazi Gospel Choir – Covid-19 Prayer

Umlazi Choir makes a very inspiring move with the release of their brand new song titled “ Prayer”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has got the whole world shaken as people have tried to stay safe. Things have not been the same and the world suddenly feels different. Many have resorted to prayer and music to feel safe.

The Umlazi choir is giving their listeners a sense of peace with the release of their newest song. They title it “COVID-19 Prayer”. Of course, you know what it’s all about without listening to it. The song features contributions from Injinga Mthoko, NEO DUBE, Andile Mbili, Waya 77 & Andile Brown C.

There is no doubt that everyone who listens to it would find comfort. You really should check it out for yourself. Simply stream and download the song below to listen. Also share your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments section.

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