Umthakathi Kush, Mellow & Sleazy – Koti Koti ft. Sizwe Alakine & Bellinda Chester

"Koti Koti" by Umthakathi Kush, Mellow & Sleazy: A New Wave in Music

Sublime Collaboration: Umthakathi Kush Joins Forces with Mellow & Sleazy

The South African music scene is set to be invigorated with the release of “Koti Koti,” a collaborative effort by Umthakathi Kush and the dynamic duo Mellow & Sleazy. Featuring the talents of Sizwe Alakine and Bellinda Chester, this track promises to be a standout addition to the vibrant world of South African music.

“Koti Koti” emerges as a follow-up to Umthakathi Kush’s previous single ‘Lotto,’ marking a significant step in his musical journey. The song, available for streaming, showcases a blend of unique sounds and lyrics, offering joy and excitement to listeners. The collaboration between these artists brings together different elements of music, creating a harmonious and captivating melody that resonates with a diverse audience.

The release of “Koti Koti” is more than just a new song; it’s a celebration of musical diversity and creativity. The combination of Umthakathi Kush’s distinct style with the flair of Mellow & Sleazy, complemented by the contributions of Sizwe Alakine and Bellinda Chester, sets a new standard in the music industry. Fans of South African music and beyond can look forward to an enriching auditory experience with this latest offering.

Koti Koti

Umthakathi Kush & Mellow & Sleazy - Koti Koti (Official Audio) feat Sizwe Alakine & Bellinda Chester

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