Una Rams – Hold Me When It’s Cold (Mixtape)

The cold season is here again, and South African musician Una Rams is out with a compilation that amplifies this reality, as well as a need: “Hold Me When It’s Cold (Mixtape).”

For this 8-track body of work, the songster tapped the vocal resources of associates Muzi, Langa Mavuso, Mikhale Jones, Nanette, Lucille Jones, Mizo Phyll, and Maeywon.

“Hold Me When It’s Cold (Mixtape)” bears songs that should speak to the spirit of just about anyone who has lived and loved. It doesn’t claim to be perfect, but then the listener can easily find perfect moments in some of the songs.


  1. Hold Me When It’s Cold Ft. Mikhale Jones
  2. Ndo Tou Rali Ft. Mizo Phyll & Maeywon
  3. Cut The Lights
  4. Next2Me Ft. Langa Mavuso
  5. Closer2You Ft. Muzi
  6. Rendezvous Ft. Nanette
  7. Btb
  8. Who Do I Call? Ft. Lucille Slade

Una rams manages to take on love, among other themes, but without getting soppy and pushing the listener out of the way. You should love what this songster has put together.

Are you into Una Rams’ “Hold Me When It’s Cold (Mixtape)”? how would you rate the compilation on a scale of zero to ten? You’re welcome to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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