Uncle Waffles – Asylum Album

South African DJ and producer Uncle Waffles has released a new album titled “Asylum.” The album includes seven songs highlighting the artist’s abilities and collaborations with other musicians. Each recording is broken down as follows:

  • “Sgubhuandro” features Shakes and Les’ vocals and is a fusion of South African house and Afrobeat music.
  • “Yahyuppiyah” is a high-energy track produced by Tony Duardo and Justin99 that features the vocals of Pcee, Eeque, and Chley.
  • “Morroco” is a mix of amapiano, electronic and Afro-house music that features Milkiee and Scumie.
  • “SLS” features Shakes & Les’ vocals and is a fast-paced tune with heavy percussion and catchy synths.
  • “Angry Bird” is a hip-hop-influenced single with a catchy chorus that features 3two1 and Optimist Music ZA.
  • “Babiee,” a smooth and soulful tune with a laid-back vibe, features Jelly Babie and Chley.
  • “Blue Tick” is an upbeat amapiano track with a catchy melody and electronic elements that features DJ Stresser and Vuyo.

“Asylum” is a diverse album demonstrating Uncle Waffles’ versatility and ability to work with various genres and artists. Fans of South African dance and electronic music should check it out.

Uncle Waffles – Asylum Album

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