Uncle Waffles – Blue Tick Ft. DJ Stresser & Vuyo

“Blue Tick” is a groovy track by South African artist Uncle Waffles featuring DJ Stresser and Vuyo. The song is the seventh track on Uncle Waffles’ album “Asylum,” which was released in 2021. The track starts with a soft and slow intro before gradually transitioning into a fast-paced beat that sets the tone for the rest of the song. The catchy and rhythmic beats of the song are complemented by the smooth vocals of Vuyo and the electronic music elements from DJ Stresser.

The lyrics of “Blue Tick” touch on the theme of loyalty, with Uncle Waffles questioning who he can trust in the music industry. He talks about people who want to be associated with him only because of his success, rather than his personality. The song is relatable to many in the industry, as artists often face challenges with fake friends and the pressure to maintain their authenticity. The track’s blend of electronic and Afrobeat sounds makes it a unique addition to Uncle Waffles’ album.

Uncle Waffles – Blue Tick

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