Uncle Waffles Unleashes Her Debut “Red Dragon” EP

She may not have impressed some peeps during a recent performance in the United Kingdom, but South African DJ Uncles still fancies herself a musician on fire – a “Red Dragon.” Welcome to the world of her new EP.

Before the songstress unleashed the body of work, she had shared a teaser on Instagram, as well as dropped the cover art. So, in a sense, fans have some clues about what to expect.

She loved the journey of creating the project and expressed the hope that fans love it as well. Well, there are so many things to love about the project, including the singer’s unmistakable energy.

The compilation bears four tracks in all, beginning with a lead single titled “Tanzania.” With such a title, one expects the songstress will have Tanzanians on the list, but she has other ideas.

The other tracks are “Umulame Wako,” “Uwelona,” and “Love I Need.” Dor this body of work Uncle Waffles tapped the vocal resources of associates like Boi Bizza, Sino Msolo, Tony Duardo, and Kunene.

“Red Dragon” is not the finest EP we have listened to this week, but it’s more than a testament of an artist at peace with herself and unbothered by the public’s scathing verdict about her creative sinews.

Uncle Waffles – Red Dragon EP Tracklist / Download


  1. Uncle Waffles & Tony Duardo – Tanzania ft. Sino Msolo & BoiBizza
  2. Uncle Waffles – Umalume Wako ft DJ Stresser & Given Kau
  3. Uncle Waffles – Uwelona ft Tony Duardo, Boi Bizza, Nvcho & Sino Msolo
  4. Uncle Waffles – Love I Need ft. Dinki Kunene, Boi Bizza, Yedda & Tony Duardo
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