VA – Black Is Brown Compilation, Vol. 2

Black isn’t broe]=wn and vice versa. But Various Artists make you believe it is, thanks in part to a joint project titled, well, “Black Is Brown,” which you can stream here on UbeToo.

This is a compilation of collaborative tunes from some of the heavy hitters in South Africa’s amapiano music universe. And the appeal of what they have put together just cannot be missed. So you just can’t go wrong electing to listen to the body of work.

Sgija’Disciples, Mr. JazziQ, F3 Dipapa, Tsiki XII, Kay Invictus, Pcee, 10x Guluva, Djy Biza, SjavasDaDeejay, Zan’Ten, Siya Sindane, Leo Deep, Mlwazino and Mshengu are among the musicians in this compilation.

On the strength of the number of musicians on the compilation, their genre of focus, and the quality of what they have put together, one may as well point to “Black Is Brown” as a compilation that might serve as an introduction to peeps hankering to take a leap into South Africa’s amapiano space in one project.

With 19 tracks in the compilation,m there is something to choose from out of that massive pot, and we are confident you will find at least one song that will resonate with you whatever your tastes in music.

Embrace the offering.

VA – Black Is Brown Compilation, Vol. 2


  1. Justin99 – Amaghost (feat. Mema_Percent, Romeo & Shoesmiester)
  2. Justin99 & Star’Jazz – Dlala 99 (feat. Yung Silly Coon & PILLS)
  3. Justin99, Star’Jazz & Mr JazziQ – Mozambique (feat. 10x Guluva, Yung Silly Coon & PILLS)
  4. Zan’Ten, Papi SA & Romeo – Ebum’nandini
  5. Sgija’Disciples – oMama
  6. Sgija’Disciples & Mr JazziQ – Sinbells
  7. Star’Jazz & Djy Biza – Welele Mbeshe (feat. Pills & 10x Guluva)
  8. Star’Jazz & Mr JazziQ – Die Hard (feat. Shoesmiester)
  9. Mr JazziQ, Star’Jazz & Sgija’Disciples – Inganekwane (feat. F3 Dipapa)
  10. Djy Biza, 10x Guluva & Mr JazziQ – Gugu
  11. Djy Biza & SjavasDaDeejay – Expensive Taste
  12. F3 Dipapa & Zan’Ten – Dombolo (feat. Lacole)
  13. Phoenix – Mayo (feat. Zan’Ten, Lemaza & Mema_Percent)
  14. Mr JazziQ & Tsiki XII – Let’s operate (feat. Siya Sindane, Leo Deep, Mlwazino & Mshengu No Tata)
  15. Phoenix – Tech Way
  16. Kay Invictus, F3 Dipapa & Mr JazziQ – Sgcebezane (feat. M.J & Sizwe Alakine)
  17. Kay Invictus, 10x Guluva & Djy Biza – Bazala
  18. Zan’Ten, Kay Invictus & Mr JazziQ – Khupuka
  19. Kay Invictus & Pcee – Ziyawa kwa Kay (feat. Sjijo)

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