Vanco Premieres Circles Ft. Brenden Praise

In late 2020, Vanco released a track titled “Circles” in collaboration with his pal Brenden Praise. It may have been months since “Circles” dropped, but as should be apparent presently, it is still potent, still relevant.

“Circles” is a song that will empower whoever would surrender to it – empower the person to rake a leap from the drab and boring. It’s a song you should love to hear, whether you’re alone or in the company of like minds, and one you should love to have your circle hear as well.

At a time when it appears like the world is spinning on its head thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, “Circles” might turn out the salvation of many out there. So we have no qualms asking y’all to check it out. Come on.

Wouldn’t you rather join us right now and leap in “Circles” of musical energy? Rest assured you’re going to love every minute of it. So come along right away, if you please.

Well, how would you rate the song on a scale of zero to ten, though? You’re welcome to check it out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. Way to go!

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