Various Artists – Stay True Sounds Vol.3 (Compiled by Kid Fonque)

Kid Fonque is never kidding when it comes to compilations. He demonstrated this much again with the release of “Stay True Sounds Vol. 3” by Various Artists.

“Various Artist” is a generic phrase for the likes of Fka mash, Radic The Myth, Kusco, Boet Quality, Billowjazz, Ed-Ward, Shota, Chris Sen, Daniel Ray, Ndumi, China Charmeleon, and Kid Fonque himself, among others.

This body of work houses 20 tracks in all, mostly works in the deep house genre. It is to Kid Fonque’s credit that he actually picked several sterling tunes for this compilation. So, yes, what you have here is a brilliant selection, and it points, invariably, to the taste of the man behind the compilation.

To listen to this project is to want to listen to it again. And yes. That’s reason enough to not only anticipate another volume but to tell the muso outright that he owes the public another volume.

Until then, we’re staying true to “Stay True Sounds Vol. 3,” and we urge you to do the same, mate. No qualms.

Well, what do you think of “Stay True Sounds Vol. 3” by Various Artists, compiled by Kid Fonque? You’re welcome to check out the compilation below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

Various Artists – Stay True Sounds Vol.3 Songs

NO Title Artist Time
1 All Day SONIDO 6:41
2 The Fellowship AndileAndy 5:45
3 And Beyond Fka Mash 6:12
4 Locked (feat. SGVO) Sio 6:50
5 Lomhlaba Oddxperienc 6:10
6 Bass & Shhht SculpturedMusic 8:01
7 Thoughts of Tomorrow Kusco 8:12
8 Our House of Joy Radic The Myth 7:14
9 Apart from You (feat. Hannah Rout) Massh 6:40
10 Mnqongo Myazisto 6:40
11 X Boet Quality 7:31
12 Duffy BillowJazz 7:37
13 Bounce beatsbyhand 8:11
14 Predator Ed-Ward 6:06
15 Tshamiseka (feat. Khensy) Kid Fonque & D-Malice 6:00
16 Uzobuyo Chris Sen & Shota 6:19
17 Sensation L-Dee & Ed-Ward 6:37
18 Ndikhoklhele (feat. Nkulu Keys & Ndumi) China Charmeleon 6:07
19 How to Forge Stars Jas Artchild 9:15
20 Feel Good Sequence Daniel Ray 5:37
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