Vetkuk & Mahoota – GUCCI ke Sphatlo Ft. Sizwe Alakine & DJ Nelcee

Serial collaborators, the DJs Vetkuk & Mahoota present “GUCCI ke Sphatlo,” a song that appears to build on South Africans’ obsession with the brand so named. The song has Sizwe Alakine and DJ Nelcee.

it’s a meeting of memorable local voices with an unmistakable collaborative spark. The result of their collaboration speaks for itself  – a number that is as memorable as it is relatable. We are confident you will be intrigued by it as much as we are.

“GUCCI ke Sphatlo” starts on a grand note and ends on the same. It is a number that we expect will snag the attention of music lovers generally, whether they are big fans of the genre of expression or not. This much should be obvious presently.

The quartet has put together a number that will resonate with a lot of people, and we are all for them linking up again after this. Note that, DJs Vetkuk & Mahoota.

GUCCI ke Sphatlo

GUCCI ke Sphatlo (feat. Sizwe Alakine, DJ NelCee)

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