Vetkuk & Mahoota – Let’s Play Piano Album

Famous Mzansi Disc Jockeys Vetkuk and Mahoota have teamed up and released a new project titled “Let’s Play Piano” album.

This weekend, things are crazy on the airwaves. Our faves have dominated the scene with good music. Vetkuk and Mahoota were not found wanting. The famous DJ duo has returned to the scene with a new project.

They have also made several moves that thrilled fans this year. The last time we saw them, they dropped “Kwamashu 2,” featuring contributions from Dladla Mshunqisi, Ntomusica, DJ Lamondro, Taribo West, and DJ Tira. They also dropped “SBWL Ubumnandi,” featuring Nicole Elocin, Kevi Kev, Beekay, and 9umba.

The duo is back with this new album tagged “Let’s Play Piano.” The project houses 14 tracks and features SmallDrumZA, Deejay Rex, Sizwe Alakine, DJ Lamondro, Taribo West, Larny, Real Nox, Professor, MEEZ, M.J, LeMark, Dladla Mshunqisi, and more. They all did a fantastic job on the album.

Vetkuk & Mahoota – Let’s Play Piano Album


1 Welele 014 (feat. SmallDrumZA & DeejayRex) 5:48
2 Dali Wami (feat. Sizwe Alakine, Dr. Lamondro & Taribo West) 6:55
3 Groove YaMagrootman (feat. Real Nox) 7:51
4 Ko.Ko x2 (feat. Professor, Larny & MEEZ) 5:25
5 Lahl’Mlenze (feat. M.J & Real Nox) 6:08
6 Mayoh (feat. Real Nox, LeMark, ThatGuyCTN & Vinox Musiq) 7:00
7 KwaMashu 2 (feat. Dladla Mshunqisi, Ntomusica, Dr. Lamondro, Taribo West & DJ Tira) 5:27
8 Mozabique with Larny (feat. Larny) 5:50
9 Ngidl’ntsimbi Yomlungu (feat. Nokwazi) 6:17
10 Asambe (feat. Vall Dollz) 7:43
11 Ngikhathele (feat. MBAL’YESIZWE) 6:18
12 Amaxoki (feat. Dr Lamondro & Taribo West) 5:17
13 Provoker (feat. Professor, Dr Lamondro & Taribo West) 8:02
14 O tlautlwa mnate (feat. Dr. Lamondro & Taribo West) 7:21
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