VIDEO: Robot Boii, Mellow & Sleazy – Salary Salary Ft. Shaun MusiQ & F Teearse

It is time for a video break, if you please, and we are sure you will love every minute of watching what Robot Boii, Mellow & Sleazy have put together in collaboration with their pals Shaun MusiQ and F Teearse. That’s the “Salary Salary” music video if you please.

Music videos are vitally important in extending the lifespan of a song in the consciousness of music lovers. While it is easy for people to forget what they hear, it is not so easy to forget what they have seen. For this reason, musicians often drop songs alongside music videos.

Music videos have a way of even bringing forgotten songs back to life. That is the reality and one of the reasons that music videos are here to stay.

Anyway, if, like us, you love a good time with a grand bop, then best believe you are in for a wonderful time with this video. it is as liberating as can be imagined and makes a worthy addition to the playlist of anyone who wants an invigorating musical experience – away from the boring.

Now go ahead and tap that play button and experience the energy trapped in the “Salary Salary” music video. Pay yourself with it. LOL.

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