Vigro Deep, Mellow & Sleazy – 45 Inch

Mzansi muso and associates Mellow & link up for a new jam titled “45 Inch.” Of what, you might ask? Well, we would say musical pleasure. 

At least pleasure is what you get from listening to their collaborative bop. It’s a meeting of young voices. The result of this coming together is not a song to joke with. It’s splendid, so to speak. 

is an amapiano DJ and producer and easily one of the most recognisable faces in the game right now. From an obscure pedestal, the songster had worked his way up there, becoming the darling of the amapiano universe. If musical consistency were a person, Vigro Deep would be its name. But that’s by the way. 

Mellow & is a band of two buddies. Although new on the scene, they have joined the resonant voices in South Africa’s music scene. With several winning numbers out there, one just can’t write them off. 

While they have worked with several other musicians in the past, they have no long collaborative history with Vigro Deep. 

That notwithstanding, they put up a satisfactory performance, and one can only nod at the result. Go ahead and rock the number, peeps. 

Vigro Deep, Mellow & Sleazy – 45 Inch

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