Villager SA Got “Spirits” On Latest Afro Drum Mix

Villager SA drops "Spirits (Afro Drum)"

Villager SA drops new tune tagged “Spirits (Afro Drum)”.

If you’re in the market for the kind of music that would practically call out to and connect with your spirit, then this is it. Every time, Villager SA comes through with a new song, he makes it relatable enough so it makes much sense to you.

The talented disc jockey and producer has been on the music scene for over a decade now and introduced himself well enough to music lovers in the country. He has dropped amazing tunes like “Angola (Afro Drum 2019)” and “Tabu (Afro Drum 2019)”, all of which have pushed the Afro House genre further.

Since he announced the song “Spirits (Afro Drum)”, fans have anticipated its release as much as we have. We are finally glad that it is here now. Of course, it is everything we expected and more. A true masterpiece. Big ups to the talented muso.

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