Visca – I made it Album

Amapiano Sensation Visca Unveils "I Made It" Album

A Fresh Wave of South African Beats

November 30, 2023 – The Amapiano music scene is set to be invigorated with the release of Visca’s latest album, “I Made It”. The album, which is scheduled to drop on December 1, 2023, has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the genre. Visca, a notable figure in the Amapiano music scene, has been lauded for his consistent release of hit tracks throughout the year, both as a solo artist and through various collaborations.

“I Made It” promises to be a blend of vibrant beats and innovative sounds, maintaining the distinctive Amapiano style that Visca is known for. The album includes tracks like “Jika Majika”, featuring Mrnationthingz and Ceeka RSA, and “Selikuwe”, in collaboration with Mashudu. These tracks are expected to showcase Visca’s unique ability to blend traditional South African rhythms with contemporary sounds.

Visca’s collaboration with other artists like Scotts Maphuma, Leemckrazy, and 2woshort in the track “Cheating Curve” is another highlight, showcasing the collaborative spirit of the Amapiano community. The involvement of acclaimed artists such as DJ Maphorisa further elevates the album, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

Available for streaming and download across various platforms, “I Made It” is set to be a testament to Visca’s artistic evolution and his contribution to the Amapiano movement. This album not only represents Visca’s personal journey in the music industry but also marks a significant moment for Amapiano music, as it continues to gain global recognition.


1 Jika Majika (feat. Mrnationthingz & Ceeka RSA) Visca 7:34
2 Selikuwe (feat. Mashudu) Visca 8:04
3 Cheating Curve (feat. Scotts Maphuma, Leemckrazy & 2woshort) Visca & Mellow & Sleazy 7:34
4 Never Ba Loke (feat. Tman Xpress & DJ Maphorisa) Visca & Mellow & Sleazy 7:15
5 Mangena (feat. Chley, Kabelo Sings & Happy Jazzman) Visca 7:00
6 Emazulwini (feat. Young Stunna & Leemckrazy) Visca, Cyfred & Sayfair 5:59
7 Unemedi (feat. Daliwonga) Visca 7:30
8 Bagejile (feat. & DJ Rybel) Visca, Tyler ICU & Khahil Harrison 5:59
9 Ama Groetman (feat. Sbuda Maleather, Ice Beats Slide, Thuto The Human & Cuba beats) Visca 6:01
10 Welele (feat. Mrnationthingz) Visca & Cuba beats 7:10


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