Sho Madjozi Premieres What A Life Album

After giving fans a foretaste of what is imminent, Mzansi muso Sho Madjozi finally let fans have it: a body of work entitled “What A Life” album.

This compilation is a follow-up to her “Limpopo Champions League” album of two years ago. Like the previous compilation, the current evinces soul-warming artistry that will intrigue any lover of good music out there.

“What A Life” album is a 9-track compilation with several notable guests including like Sunglen Chabalala, Thomas Chauke, Makhadzi, Manu Worldstar, and DJ Mfundhisi. Russian Army fiund a featured spot on track 8 of the compilation.

Not many are familiar with Russian Army, so the “Amajoy” track appears to be generating the most curiosity among fans. It’s a song well worth hearing, we might say, but we refuse to volunteer the identity of Russian Army. Y’all gotta find out yourselves.

Sho Madjozi What A  Life Album Tracklist

  1. Ni Rhandza Wihi
  2. Dyisa Squad Ft. Sunglen Chabalala
  3. Shahumba Ft. Thomas Chauke
  4. Sena Ala
  5. Dihawks
  6. Jamani
  7. Tsha Dovha Ft. Makhadzi & Manu Worldstar
  8. Amajoy Ft. Russian Army
  9. January Ft. DJ Mfundhisi

Sho Madjozi magically asserts her place in the universe of South African music with her “What A Life” album, a body of work that should find spot secure spots in the libraries of lovers of fine voices and fine music as well.

We rate album high and encourage y’all to check it out. Way to go!

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