Karlien Van Jaarsveld Premieres Wegloop

Karlien Van Jaarsveld is out with an interesting number titled “Wegloop,” which you can stream right here on UbeToo. 

Karlien Van Jaarsveld is one of the Afrikaans singer’s we rate very highly. She has got a voice that is pretty close to a benediction on the ears. 

She unleashed that voice beautifully in her “Wegloop” song, bringing you an experience that is close to orgasmic. We’re confident that, like us, you’re going to enjoy every minute vibing with the song. 

It is weekend, and already we’re thinking we’ve got the perfect weekend treat in this Karlien Van Jaarsveld song. You just might have the same experience, if you should elect to listen to the song it.

It isn’t every day that Karlien Van Jaarsveld drops the numbers, but when she does, it is usually something beautiful. Like now. 

By the way, “Wegloop” might sound so Afrikaans, yet it it lends itself to appreciation by lovers of other genres. You are going to love it. Ready to take the leap with “Wegloop”? Come on, then

How would you rate the song “Wegloop”? You might want to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. 

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