Wichi 1080 – The Vaarbs Album

Wichi 1080 presents a new album titled “The Vaarbs.” He appeared to have experimented with that title before eventually giving it to this compilation.

For instance, in early July this year, a clip titled “Enter The Vaarbs” had popped on his YouTube channel.

Well, whatever the reason for the title, it appears “The Vaarbs” album is something you wouldn’t mind vibing with right now. This 15-track compilation has the likes of Refi Sings, Mikey Nu, Nirvana Nokwe, Hercule$, Yang Ocean, Priddy Ugly, and others as guests.

It is not surprising Priddy Ugly made the guest list. He and Wichi 1080 have had a long and productive collaborative history that fans would have asked questions had Priddy not popped on the album as one of the guests.

Wichi 1080 – The Vaarbs Album Tracklist:

  1. IT’S JUST VAARBS (Ft. Refi Sings)
  2. Bounce in the House
  3. Different drip
  4. Poppin It
  5. One Is Anatha (Ft. Mikey Nu)
  6. Now I Really Don’t (Ft. KLY)
  7. Gupta Freestyle
  8. Naartjie Ft. Hercule$, Priddy Ugly & Yang Ocean
  9. Real Good Real Nice (Ft. Refi Sings)
  10. Spithi (Ft. KLY)
  11. Forgot To Mention That (Ft. Priddy Ugly)
  12. Mans Gone Rock (Ft. twntyfour)
  13. Keys x Codes (Ft. Priddy Ugly)
  14. Searching For Lindo (Ft. Bonafide Billi)
  15. Cancer Season (Ft. Nirvana Nokwe)

There are several fine numbers housed in this compilation, and we are confident you are going to find one that speaks to your soul.

Go ahead and listen to this body of work and let Wichi 1080 “bewitch” your spirit for an hour.

Get it here

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