Wiz Khalifa Returns With ‘Mezmorized’

Celebrate the tenth birthday of the rapper’s breakout ‘Kush & Orange Juice’ by looking back at his timeless songs.

The multi-award-winning American rapper, Wiz Khalifa, has started a movement at this new decade as he joins his homeboy, Curren$y Spitta, to revise his luxury marijuana raps.

For many lovers of hip hop, the young Wiz Khalifa was introduced with ‘Kush & Orange Juice.’ Then, the young rapper seemed to have an interest in vaguely eighties-inspired instrumentals and life’s simple pleasures. This while, it looks like Wiz floated with a joint in hand, just like the second track in his album titled ‘Mezmorized.’

Using smooth instrumental from Cardo, Wiz Khalifa released great lyrics that captured his true personality. The soundtrack is refreshing in its simplicity.

The ‘Black and Yellow’ rapper has been spitting hits for years and his debut album will always be timeless.

Happy tenth birthday to ‘Kush & OJ.’ Ensure that you look that for the upcoming vinyl that would soon be released. Do you ever get the chance to listen to Wiz Khalifa’s classic tape?

Wiz Khalifa- Mezmorized (official video)

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