Wordz Drops “Product Of A Praying Mother” Album, Listen

South African rapper Wordz is the “Product Of A Praying Mother,” or so it should be obvious from his album in review.

The title of this project is intriguing, and so, interestingly, are the songs in the project. This compilation bears 12 tracks in all and features the likes of destiny Hinds, Thato Saul, Maglera Doe Boy, A-Reece, Maarly, and Belo Salo.

Wordz » Product of a Praying Mother Album Details

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2021-10-31
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: ZAF
  • Track Count: 12

Production credit goes to Logical Rhymez, Shumberto, and Feziekk, who also shared the mixing and mastering credit with Mashbeatz.

Wordz » Product of a Praying Mother Album Tracklist

1 Ses’holo Ke Zaka Wordz 3:44
2 King of the Jungle Wordz 2:03
3 LO$t $OUL$ Wordz 3:54
4 33 CHAMBERS (feat. Dessy Hinds & Thato Saul) Wordz 2:48
5 MA’DICE (feat. Maglera Doe Boy) Wordz 4:51
6 COP$ and ROBBER$ (feat. A-Reece) Wordz 2:55
7 Flawle$$ Wordz 2:18
8 GARDEN of EDEN (feat. Maarly) Wordz 3:36
9 FUTURE PLANS (feat. BELO SALO) Wordz 3:00
10 The Next Investment Wordz 2:03
11 Product 97 Wordz 1:39
12 By Mother Mary Wordz 2:42

This compilation might not leave you out of words, but as a word of art, there’s no denying its power. Song after song, you have this overwhelming feeling of liberation in your spirit and you would love retained.

Wordz might not be the most prolific rapper out there, nor is he the one most in the news. But with his album, he at least makes it clear he’s a potent voice and worth retaining on a playlist.

It’s the wish of just about every good mother out there that her child flourishes in everything good. Well, Mama Wordz should be happy with the musical strides his son is taking. “Product Of A Praying Mother” is as much a win for Words as it is for his mother. Rock it!

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