Xenlaii Drops New ‘SURF : AM’ EP (Deluxe Edition)

Xenlaii releases "SURF : AM" EP (Deluxe Edition)

Xenlaii drops brand new “SURF : AM” EP (Deluxe Edition).

We wish you could see the smiles on our faces right now. Well, Xenlaii put it there, and we are glad he did. Of course, when you’re fans of someone, and they drop something new that you’ve been anticipating for a while, it tends to make you smile.

For some time, the Hip-hop star teased the project on social media hinting that it would be dropping soon. Finally, it did. He had previously dropped the “SURF : AM” EP to general love and acclaim a while back. Now, he takes back the spotlight with a new Extended version of it.

SURF : AM (Deluxe Edition) is a sonic journey through pop-rap, psuedo R&B, rap rap, and wraps up with electronic soundscapes. The only way to aptly describe this labor of love is to say that the project is robust.

Knowing he wasn’t ready to release his debut album didn’t prevent Xenlaii from spending months in the studio working on new music. Wanting to maintain the momentum he got started when SURF : AM first dropped, he decided to extend the EP to include additional songs featuring SimmySimmyNya, Touchline, and Jumping Black Sash.

Xenlaii describes this experience as “a story of extreme highs and lows, like the tide dancing to the gravitational pull of the moon.” He has described his sound as surf rap, grounding his talent in the feeling he gets from interacting with the ocean. On many occasions, Xenlaii has shared that the ocean is where he feels most connected to his bloodline, particularly those who have since passed from this life to the next. True to the track, “Ballito Prayer,” Xenlaii says his musical experience with the SURF : AM story,  “reconnected me with my higher self at the warm ocean waters of Ballito, Durban.”

SURF : AM (Deluxe Edition) sports 11-tracks, sonic cues from traditional genres like pop, hip-hop, EDM, and R&B. With guest features galore, a well-curated tracklist, and Xenlaii’s attention to detail, this EP is the listening experience music lovers will enjoy past their first listen.

This new project contains an additional 5 songs to the tracklist. If you’ve been following him recently, then you know that’s even more music than he has made in a while. It also features some incredible talent including Touchline, Paul B, Phinda, SimmySimmyNya, and Amarafleur. We are truly grateful for this.

Get it here.

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