Xola TSM & PRVIS3 – uWeeeh

Xola TSM and PRVIS3 hit it off on a new tune dubbed “uWeeeh,” which is available for your listening pleasure here and now.

While the two may have barely made a chime on our orbit, we are pleased to say they made a semblance of an interesting entrance. Nothing remarkable, of course. But still, there is something memorable about their number and how they put it together.

It’s Friday, a time many would want to forget the stress of the work week and just unwind. Well, it might be said that the song in might make that possible. It’s just up to you, the listener, to embrace what the singers have put together.

“uWeeeh” is a tune of liberating energy and something we expect to find a secure space on the playlist of music lovers out there.

If you consider yourself a lover of good music, here is a number for you.

Xola TSM & PRVIS3 – uWeeeh

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