Xolly Mncwango Debuts Jesus Is Enough Album

Xolly Mncwango presents her debut album titled “Jesus Is Enough,” a splendid collection for every Christian out there.

It is a moment of great excitement for the songstress – by her own admission. Who in her shoes wouldn’t be excited? After a long creative process, she is finally holding the child of her spiritual imagination and experiences.

“Jesus Is Enough” glitters with several spiritual songs that will not only edify the body of Christ but affirm the message of the album’s title – “Jesus Is Enough.” Crises might erupt not just in the nation but in the home, families, and even in the lives of individuals…

But then, as Xolly Mncwango affirms in her debut project, the Supreme is greater than all of this and is ever eager to show off with the life of his children – the Christian race. But how many would trust him with their challenges?

Whatever the situation, Xolly Mncwango want the body of Christ to know that “Jesus Is Enough,” and to affirm this by, well, singing along. Not bad.


NO Title Artist Time
1 Jesus Payer (feat. Reverend Benjamin Dube) Xolly Mncwango 2:32
2 Ungukuphila Xolly Mncwango 5:56
3 Healing Power Xolly Mncwango 7:07
4 Jesus Do It Xolly Mncwango 7:24
5 Jesus Do It Xolly Mncwango 1:38
6 Jesus Is Enough Xolly Mncwango 5:39
7 Forever (feat. Siba Mrweli) Xolly Mncwango 4:03
8 Forever (feat. Siba Mrweli) Xolly Mncwango 1:23
9 Thank You Jesus Xolly Mncwango 5:17
10 Zizwe Zonke Xolly Mncwango 4:31
11 Yebo Nkosi Xolly Mncwango 8:43
12 Yebo Nkosi Xolly Mncwango 2:33
13 Umzuzu Xolly Mncwango 4:05
14 Watswaneleha Xolly Mncwango 5:22
15 Ngenelela (feat. Brenda Mtambo) Xolly Mncwango 4:46
16 So Good Xolly Mncwango 4:49
17 Kungenxa Yakho Xolly Mncwango 4:19

Well, what do you think of Xolly Mncwango’s “Jesus Is Enough” album? You might want to stream the album below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Jesus Is Enough

Xolly Mncwango

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Release Date: 2020-11-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: ZAF
  • Track Count: 17
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