YFN Lucci Releases A Follow-up “HIStory, Lost Pages” Mixtape

Platinum-selling hip-hop star YFN Lucci releases HIStory, Lost Pages through Think It’s A Game Records / Warner Records today.

The Atlanta hip-hop artist grows his highly admired 2019 mixtape HIStory with additional spanking new six tracks for the deluxe Lost Pages version. The first edition of HIStory mixtape was released last year 2019 with features from Yo Gotti , City Girls, Rotimi, and more.

Refining his signature combination of reinforced bars and tuneful melody, Lucci takes it up a notch on the new song for “” featuring Bandhunta Izzy. On the additional songs, he links up with various prominent artists such as on true story, & on Give No Fuck, NoCap on Used To Part 2 and the list goes on. You will find full details on the project tracklisting below.

  1. 62
  2. Fuck It (feat. Jackboy)*
  3. True Story (feat. )*
  4. (feat. Bandhunta Izzy)*
  5. Give No Fuck (feat. Trouble & )*
  6. 23rd*
  7. Used To Pt. 2 (feat. No Cap)*
  8. Lonely (feat Bigga Rankin)
  9. Shake Sumn (feat. City Girls & Yo Gotti)
  10. VVS
  11. Are You Wit Me
  12. Nasty (feat. Trouble)
  13. Thug Holiday (feat. OMB Peezy)
  14. Date Night
  15. Big Ole (feat. YFN Fat)
  16. Sacrifices & Pain (feat. Derez De’Shon)
  17. Care Man
  18. Let Me Down (feat. Clever)
  19. One Day (feat. Trouble)
  20. America (feat. Bigga Rankin)
  21. Let Me Know (feat. Rotimi)
  22. HIStory (feat. Bigga Rankin)

Talking about Lost Pages, YFN Lucci stated:

We were in such a good place when we made HIStory that we decided to keep it goin.’ We wanted to give everyone the full picture.

The hip-hop artist is reportedly making major waves. YFN Lucci released the visuals for HIStory single “Nasty” featuring Trouble earlier this month.

YFN Lucci is clearly one of the highly underestimated Atlanta performers, going by the big songs he has released over his short and ongoing rap career.

Stream the new mixtape below and share your thoughts.

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