YG Forced To Cancel Protest, Releases “FTP”

YG has called off plans to protest the killing of his compatriots Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery.

According to the “Go Loko” rapper, he got word that the protest might not be safe and people might get hurt, even shot, in the heat of it.

What next? YG apparently has other ideas. Wouldn’t it be grand to channel his grievances into a song and share with the world? Wouldn’t it be grand to affirm the spirit of the protest, encouraging those already protesting, by releasing an anthem of defiance?

YG hit the studio instantly. When he came out, his assegai was dripping blood. Oh no, not literally. The rapper is giving the police the middle finger with a new hit appropriately titled “FTP.” There, if you please, is the abbreviation for “Fuck The Police.”

YG is no nascent voice in American music nor is he in the realm of protest. Expectedly, his latest number bears the thunder one has come to expect of an artiste of his standing. It is powerful, exciting, and capable of kindling your blood for self-assertion.

If you believe black lives matter, you might want to update your playlist’s with YG’s lates scorcher. Please do.

YG - FTP (Official Audio)

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