YG Marley – Praise Jah In the Moonlight

Praise Jah In the Moonlight: A Reggae Jam

Reggae singer YG Marley is out with a brand new song titled “Praise Jah In the Moonlight.”

Mzansi is welcoming of every song genre. The reggae scene also has some of the most dedicated fanbases in the country. Every year, artists contribute good music to the scene, and the fans always love it.

YG Marley is making his moves with a beautiful new song. The talented singer is on his own journey, and Reggae fans are happy to see what he would do on his journey. He has come through with a new song titled “Praise Jah In the Moonlight.”

According to the credits, the song was written by the late iconic Bob Marley, Joshua Marley, and Ms. Lauryn Hill. YG Marley’s performance in the song is also impressive. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this week.

Praise Jah In the Moonlight

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