YoungstaCPT Follows Up With “Own 2020”

YoungstaCPT sends a message with his new hit titled, 'Own 2020.'

Award-winning South African musician, YoungstaCPT, has made a bold statement following his brand new single which is titled ‘Own 2020.’

The ‘For Coloured Girls’ hitmaker said:

“I don’t need to own 2020 ‘cause I own it already, I’m the artists of the century don’t ask me or correct me.”

YoungstaCPT wrote out the message as he officially stated that he has taken over the music scene.

At the beginning of ‘Own 2020,’ you can hear the talented musician sending shoutouts to hard working and talented rappers who are about to take over the music scene.

He said:

22-track solo made the album of the year, salutas to Nadia, Tshego, Big Hash & Flame, Touchline Truth, Dee Koala, 25K…

Listening to the hit song, you can learn about how YoungstaCPT started his musical journey, the life experiences he had passed through, motivations to encourage you in pursuing your dreams and his achievements.

The award-winning artist stated that his hit song is the start of something great.

He said:


YounstaCPT has released hit songs including Old Kaapie, Just Be Lekker, Yasis, Own 2018, The Cape Of Good Hope, For Coloured Girls, just to mention a few. He has also collaborated with notable artists including Big Zulu and DJ Rico, to produce hit songs.

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