Zain SA Releases A New Single Titled “Ashon’Amalanga”

– Zain SA has released his first offering for 2022 in a form of a single titled “ashon’amalanga”.

The song “ashon’amalanga” is no a doubt full-body hit record.  It’s an amapiano record that will make one dance but still get them in their feels.  Zain SA, who wrote, sang and produced the song talks about missing a person you’re in a romantic relationship with to a point that minutes start feeling like hours and hours like days. Day by day you hope for this person to come your way but each day the sun goes down without them coming and months start to feel like years.

Zain SA is an immaculate songwriter and a proven musical powerhouse. He always wants to compose music about reality and things people can relate to so as to touch their hearts. “Ashon’amalanga” comes just as one of those, as February is celebrated as the month of love across the globe he felt like releasing a song that will resonate with those that cannot see their lovers due to distance and other barriers that may keep couples apart. This was executed very well, from the lyrics, vocals and the melodic beat with beautiful progressions.

This man is no stranger to making great music, he has a very heavy discography and hit collaborations like “I do I do” by SPHEctcula and DJ Naves and holds a gold plaque for his 2020 single “ina iyeza” which has been one of the most consistent records in South Africa.

“Ashon’amalanga” is available across all digital music stores on this link:

Mp3 Download

Zain SA on Social Media:

Instagram: @zainsa4real

Facebook: Zain SA

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