Zanda Zakuza Premieres “Khaya Lam” Album

  • South African singer is out with a new project titled “Khaya Lam” album, and it is as interesting as can be.In all, the project spots 15 tracks, beginning with the immersive “Land of the Forgiving” and ending with “Kuyobamnandi.” The project also has an eponymous track.

Several fine voices in South African music made the guest list, including Tendaness, Sino Msolo, Mr Brown, Bongo Beats, Prince Benza, Master KG, and the serial collaborators DJ TPZ & Mr Chozen.

“Khaya Lam” album marks another interesting milestone in ;s life. The songstress has been in the music industry for about 5 years, but her interest in music dates back to when she was much younger.

She had snapped attention as the soul-guest on Master KG’s soaraway single “Skeleton Move” and also had a great outing on Prince Kaybee’s “Club Controller” alongside LaSoulmates. And she isn’t done yet.

Fans React To “Khaya Lam” Album

She had previously released an album titled “Synthia: The Journey,” a dedicatory work to her mother with whom she has a great relationship. What follows, “Khaya Lam” album, is as engaging as her previous project, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy every minute checking it out. Go right ahead.

Zanda Zakuza » Khaya Lam

  • Genre: House
  • Release Date: 2020-10-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: ZAF
  • Track Count: 15

Zanda Zakuza – Khaya Lam Album Tracklist

NO Title Artist Time
1 Land of the Forgiving 3:20
2 Khaya Lam (feat. Master KG, Prince Benza) 3:10
3 Awuyazi Oyifunayo (feat. Bongo Beats) 5:31
4 I Believe (feat. Mr Brown) 4:44
5 Life Goes On Zanda Zakuza 2:56
6 I Believe (feat. Mr Brown) Zanda Zakuza 4:42
7 Ndimhle (feat. Sino Msolo) Zanda Zakuza 3:18
8 Dancing in the Rain (feat. Bongo Beats) Zanda Zakuza 4:09
9 Molo (feat. Bongo Beats) Zanda Zakuza 3:39
10 Umuntu Wami (feat. DJ TPZ, Mr Chozen) Zanda Zakuza 5:07
11 My Name Is Zanda Zakuza 5:06
12 Feelings Zanda Zakuza 4:37
13 Amagama Zanda Zakuza 4:05
14 Walk a Mile (feat. Tendaness) Zanda Zakuza 4:17
15 Kuyobamnandi Zanda Zakuza 3:30

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