ZanTen – I Like Your Style ft. Mr JazziQ & Jaylokas

South Africa’s DJ duo ZanTen returns with an appreciative tune titled “I Like Your Style,” with their fellow South Africans Mr JazziQ and Jaylokas as guests.

The collaborative musical history of this quartet isn’t extensive, but in the times they have linked up, they have ended up with satisfactory numbers – numbers that not only snag attention but have the potential to be picked as favourites in South Africa’s ever-evolving amapiano orbit.

The pleasure of having all four on the same song – yes, ZanTen is a band of two while the others are solo artists – cannot be missed. Their latest offering strikes like a whip. Only, you would not get hurt. Not at all. On the contrary, you have a musical experience that you would most likely want to have again.

Now, tap the play button and see if you would not end up mouthing “I Like Your Style.” Let the music begin.

ZanTen – I Like Your Style

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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