ZanTen – Shuku ft. ShaunMusiq & Pcee

Piano hitmakers Zan’Ten, ShaunMusiq & Pcee have joined forces and released a new song titled “SHUKU.”

Tell us, what is a holiday season without jams to vibe to? Mzansi hitmakers certainly understood the assignment and have delivered hits to the airwaves. ZanTen has just returned to the scene with a brand new collaboration.

The duo has been one of the hardest-working hitmakers on the scene this year. They collaborated with several Piano stars, including Mr. JazziQ, Djy Biza, Phoenix, Star’Jazz, and more. We loved the work they did alongside in “Ziyawa La” by Sizwe Alakine. They put in work this year.

The duo is back now on a new collaboration with ShaunMusiq & Pcee. They released the song “Shuku,” which they did a fantastic job on. You should hear it. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a Piano playlist of your choice this week.

ZanTen – Shuku ft. ShaunMusiq & Pcee

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