Zito Mowa – Sumthng More Ft Ziyon (China Charmeleon The Animal Remix)

Zito Mowa is generous he gave not just another song but “Sumthng More” in collaboration with Ziyon, a song China Charmeleon had since remixed. Welcome to the  world of Zifo Mowa Ft. Ziyon – “Sumthing More (China Charmeleon The Animal Remix).”

China Charmeleon, a fine DJ hand, is no tyro in the world of remixes. He has other remix projects under his belt. In the remix in review, once again, he amplifies his remixing skills, and one cannot but applaud fhe outcome. 

In fact, we’re confident Zifo Mowa and Ziyon will be chuffed with what China Charmeleon has made of their collaborative tune. 

China Charmeleon’s New tune leaves no room for boring breaks. Every moment with it is a treat – unlike what one can say of similar remixes in the same genre. 

Care for a good time? Well, you have it fight here. You only have to immerse yourself in the world of the remix China Charmeleon has dropped for your listening pleasure. 

What do you think of “Sumthing More (China Charmeleon The Animal Remix)”? Do you think China Charmeleon did a fine job of remixing Zito Mowa and Ziyon’s song? You may want to join fhe conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. 

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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