Zubi, Gabriel, Anatu – You + Me = You

After taking us back in September through the intriguing world of their “Juju” track, Zubi and Anatu return with a new track titled “You + Me = You,” which is as intriguing as the one before it. The song features Gabriel.

Zubi and Anatu had snapped our attention with their song mentioned at the outset, their debut on here. Fortunately they still had our attention when they returned with a new jam featuring their pal Grabriel.

We confess we’re seriously into “You + Me = You.” The song is appealing in a way that is hard to describe. You may want to play a little game, if you like. Ruminate n the song’s title for a few seconds but don’t listen to it just yet.

Pause a minute and then listen to the song. Compare your expectations with the song’s thematic thrust. Do they tally? Oh, well, go start your game and enjoy the moment for what it is. The experience should stay with you long after.

Well, what do you think of “You + Me = You” by Zubi, Gabriel & Anatu? A jam for the weekend? You might want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.


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