12-Year-Old in Debt… That is, $1400 of FarmVille Debt

Okay, I’ll admit that FarmVille can be an addictive online game, but what happened in the following case is just absurd.

A 12-year-old boy in Britain recently racked up $1400 (US) worth of debt in Zynga’s online farming game.  After using about $440 of his own money to buy items in the game, the boy then used his mother’s credit card to buy another $950 worth of items — and without her permission too!

Neither Zynga nor will refund any of the consumed funds as long as the son lives under his mother’s roof, but Facebook has disabled his account. HSBC, the bank to which the funds were charged, refused to refund the charges, saying that the mother “would only qualify for a refund if she reported her son to the police and obtained a crime number.”

Via HuffingtonPost.

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