27-inch iMac Continues to Have Problems

Things have just not been going well for ’s 27-inch iMac. The desktop has been experiencing all sorts of shipping delays due to multiple problems that Apple seems to have fixing. The computer, launched on October 20, has been plagued by graphics issues, ranging from cracked screens to flickering images. released a firmware update that was supposed to fix the flickering, but according to some users the problems persist.

Now, the store is showing a three-week shipping delay for the 27-inch iMac. Throughout most of this month, it had a one-week delay. This is not the first shipping delay, either. In December Apple also delayed shipping the iMacs, allegedly in order to troubleshoot the flickering screens.

It is unclear whether has fixed the problems with this version of the iMac. Some customers have said that they were told by Apple specialists that the problems have been fixed, but many are still sending their iMacs back to Apple because of problems.

A thread concerning the 27-inch iMac on the support website has 3,500 messages, more than any other thread in the forum.

Via Computerworld, image via Apple.

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