A Levi’s Jeans Branded Netbook

The netbook popularity trend must be still going strong, since manufacturers are starting to explore other mediums through which to promote their machines. The latest news on the block is that LG is teaming up with Levi’s Jeans to promote its X120 Mini netbook.

This netbook has pretty average specs (a 10.1″ screen, 1 GB of RAM, a 160 GB hard drive, and an Intel Atom processor) and will be branded with a unique design created by Levi’s (as seen below in the photo). The netbook can also come with a unique Levi’s Jeans pouch.

An important consideration is how the product will be marketed…perhaps with a Levi’s jeans promotion or a free pair of Levi’s jeans? For those netbook consumers out there, what would you want?

Via SlipperyBrick.

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